NUC-Style compute module for mobo?

First time posting, sorry if I’ve done something wrong.
I know stuff like alternative ways to access a pcie port with bifurcation (PLX/PEX) or MXM dGPU’s (which I support!) have been discussed already.

But as for upgrading the main components with a simple module swap, how about having a compute module? Main parts of the motherboard in one module and the rest could be a daughter board.

Would certainly make changing CPU a lot easier, even between brands & allow users to get a lot more life out of the laptop too.
…Although I suppose people may want to still be able to change from the socket. Not sure how easy it would be to implement a way to change sockets themselves :thinking:

It’s probably a very big undertaking but then again, people said this whole framework concept was undoable before you guys came along :crossed_fingers:t3:

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