[OBSOLETE] BIOS Upgrade for Linux Users

It’s a “DOS-like” command line application.

But you can’t run a Windows GUI application from the Windows installer command line. I’ve tried (WD Dashboard, to flash firmware in WD SSDs).

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Thanks, that is what I thought. So I have to find a way to get a Windows GUI running off a USB drive somehow which is a PITA it seems. The other option is to boot from Thunderbolt-NVMe enclosure but the external cases are ridiculously expensive, sadly.

You can install Windows (not Windows To Go) on a large enough USB drive and still use the USB drive for other things using Ventoy:

Just watch out for the shenanigans it will pull on your Linux install, but it won’t destroy it and it only needs to be fixed once.

I installed it from a valid Windows 10 Educational VM and it seems to be fully activated. It’s full-fledged Windows and can run any GUI normal windows can.

/me watching intently at this. About to buy W10 pro retail, but don’t want a stain in my framework peeing on it forever. Since w10 will time out and likely get lousier till its EOL, my “free w10” installs in a couple boxes could be used beyond 2025 with a wtg type thing.

Progress for those of us without Windows


I’m using an old Lenovo thinkpad T61 running latest Ubuntu and I followed all the directions except when I booted from the USB drive and selected the Windows 10 .iso, my computer just sat there with a blinking cursor until I restarted it and gave up. Any thoughts? Not enough RAM?

Just a curious question, would this approach from Arch Linux be better?

Doesn’t seem like it will screw up your bootloader.

This techique is obsolete now that the EFI updater and LVFS are available.

Closing this thread but keeping it up for reference.