Optimal Linux distro for power efficiency on ryzen 7 7840U

I was wondering if there are any people here who tried different distros on their AMD Frameworks who could suggest which distro comes best prepared for battery life out of the box.
I am not scared of Linux, used to run it as a daily driver some years ago, but I am beyond the point where I consider spending countless hours searching online forums fun.

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I think that fedora is a safe bet, recent kernel, and one of the (two, IIRC) officially recommended ones.
I’m personally using Tumbleweed (KDE) because it’s equally fast-paced (which we need right now, since the platform support is a bit immature from the Linux perspective), but it also comes with snapshots/rollbacks out of the box. Fedora feels a bit more polished overall, though.

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I’m running Ubuntu 23.10, and getting 7ish hours with a developer workflow. (Ryzen 5 though)


To be honest, this isn’t much more than I am getting with Windows 11, I was hoping to get more than 10 hours of light activity like web browsing with the screen dimmed down

Fedora + the modified PPD should be your best bet for now.



I tested both Fedora 39 and Ubuntu 22.04.3 and found a negligible difference in power use between the two.

I also tried a few different window managers with little difference (both on X11 and Wayland).

As a result, I encourage running your preferred distro with these settings.

Let me know what ends up working well for you!

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