Option for no touchpad?

A touchpad, especially one with no physical button is just unusable for a lot of people including me. As long as there is no option for a touchpoint (like a thinkpad) it means an external mouse is required.
I usually just disable the touchpad in the bios (when possible) or by software when it’s the only solution as it just gets in the way when typing.
I might also consider a flat panel to replace the touchpad if it’s available.

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Linux and as far as I know any other Unix based operating system requires 3 buttons. How do you even make it work with a touchpad with no physical button ??

Tap with 1 finger = left button
Tap with 2 fingers = right button
Tap with 3 fingers = middle button



Not sure what difference it would make to ergonomics. I love the customiability option, howveer I would love the ability to have 1 metal piece instead of the 2. However it possible to go one step further and have 1 metal piece for the whole bottom half, that would be amazing. Extra cusomisability can’t be bad?

image source: The Verge article The Framework Laptop 16 promises the ‘holy grail’ of upgradable graphics - The Verge

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Touchpad is in line with the spacebar. Helps with keeping the correct posture.

Ah yes the customisability is ergonomic. I thought you meant it needing to be as it is was ergonomic for some reason

Hence the spacers to keep the alignment correct.

I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing