Ortholinear custom keyboard option?

As person who lost the left index finger since 5 years old. I had been struggling with the non-sense qwerty layout that comes with every single laptop and standard keyboard, until I discovered I could have my own custom keyboard last year, it saved my career.

However, the laptop that I’m using for work doesn’t give me the option to use my thumb fingers in an effective way, other than hitting the space key.

It would be great having an option with an ortholinear custom keyboard with qmk firmware. A 46-key keyboard is more than sufficient for the majority of enthusiasts. The area of a 16" laptop should be enough to fit a 46-key Hillside splayed keyboard:
Hillside 46


Hi Martin,
this is the most promising keyboard project I’m aware of:

There are no ready-to-buy keyboards with a nice layout yet.


You’ll be able to reprogram the internal keyboard of FW16 because it will be using QMK firmware.
So even if it will be QWERTY it will at least be reprogrammable. It won’t make your thumb usable but at least you’ll be able to create some mappings for yourself.

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I’m thinking about the same thing – ideally, with a touchpad or other control devices in the center. Widening your hand position is miles better for shoulders and spine.

@Martin3 I assume you use a lot of chording in the left hand. What keyboard are you using now?

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Framework on twitter 4 hours ago

@OrtholinearKB We’ll have some updates to share on this soon!

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For someone who doesn’t have a Twitter account:


Ah, I forgot that they started the crap with blocking you if not logged in! Thanks.

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You are welcome. I don’t have a Twitter account, and without login, I can see that the original page shows only one tweet without the other tweets in the same thread now.