PCIe x16 expansion card

for gpus, storage, networking, etc.

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Just no.

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Its definitely possible, just much more impractical than the ADT Link eGPU setup some are using

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I would think you’d still be bottlenecked by the USB-C adapter on the laptop. Maybe x4 would be a better fit, which would essentially be an NVMe to USB-C adapter.

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Define possible. I’m siding with Josh Cook.

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I was actually just doing research on eGPUs. Probably right on the bottleneck. What would be cool is if you could hook up a GPU to a framework laptop.

You can. Plenty of threads about it. Besides, where would these 16 lanes come from? It’s not like the laptop has lanes to spare, every lane available from the CPU has been allocated already. 4 lanes to each of the TB4 ports and 4 lanes to the m.2 makes 20 lanes, which is every lane available.


There’s a Thunderbolt 4 bottleneck of 32Gb/s (which uses 4x PCIe 3 lanes). The 4x PCIe 4 lanes would double the speed (of TB4 / 4x PCIe 3) to 64Gb/s.
Pretty sure this is what TB5 is meant to do, but if this can be done manually without needing to implement a non-existent specification, that’d be cool. I’ve no clue how.

4x PCIe 4 lanes should be enough to run most GPUs at some minor bottleneck - much better than my current TB4->TB3, 4x PCIe 3.

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