Please add to this awesome laptop

Please make it affordable… doesn’t mean good has to be overly exaggerated in price either… maybe leave that to the addons… make it at least 1 tb but more would so awesome
-Keyboard that lights up,
-A Kali os,
-Webcam with a cover that to can close or open
-Some type of physical or fingerprint lock that in order to actually open the laptop up there is a security feature you must pass
accessories that would be cool to have would be a mouse, and stand… maybe a stand that comes out from the bottom.
-And a pen, that you cab use to edit straight on your screen, or remove things from pictures that would be cool

  • the ability to wirelessly connect your phone to the laptop …I’m sure I have so much more to suggest… but off to work now
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Hi Olga, thanks for the interest. Most of those are actually in place! We will be pricing competitively. The keyboard has a backlight. Being Debian-based, Kali Linux should work fine out of the box, though there may be some functionality that needs extra tinkering in the near term. We have a physical privacy switch for the webcam that fully disconnects it electrically. We have a fingerprint reader built into the power button.


You guys thought of everything