Plugging in an Arduino resets/shorts the port on my laptop

So I’ve been battling this problem for about a month now, basically when I plug an arduino into my bottom left port (facing the laptop), all of my ports seems to flicker/reset themselves and then the bottom left port stops working until I unplug and then plug back in the expansion card. It is NOT from the expansion card, because I’ve swapped the expansion cards all around the ports and this only happens on that one port regardless of what expansion card is plugged in there.

I’ve been in contact with support and they don’t seem to know what’s wrong. They sent me a replacement mainboard which I swapped out but the problem is still there, so it’s not a problem due to the mainboard. I’m turning to the community now for any ideas. Any ideas/suggestions out there?

I have batch 5 laptop running BIOS 3.07 windows 11. To me this seems like a hardware issue though.

From a troubleshooting perspective I would try a different Arduino unit and a different USB cable connected to that Arduino device in the port that’s giving you issues. Do other devices work fine in that port? Did you check that RF shield that goes on top of the USB terminal to see if it was touching? There’s a fix on here somewhere about that as well.

Did you look in Windows event manager when you plug the device in to see what may be happening?

I would rule out everything else other than a manufacturing hardware issue on the main board. I can only speak to my experience but I haven’t had many issues and I’ve played with all the ports, connecting Raspberry Pi and Arduino devices since I bought this machine. The only things I’ve had any issues with were (1) disabling selective suspend on the USB ports (that could also be an issue causing this possibly) , and (2) thunderbolt 4 intermittent performance - related to Windows sleep and wake settings. All of these issues were caused by settings and windows, not the bios or hardware.

I’ve often fried the USB controller on arduinos, which usually leads to a short on the usb power in.

Are you sure the arduino is ok? You don’t have any loose wires or connection 5v to ground? It works with another computer?

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