[Poll] CPU and GPU combinations

Yeah the idle power going down the drain on the chiplet one was to be expected. Unfortunately offering both a 7045 (insane cpu perf, weak igpu and high idle power) and a 7040 (good cpu perf, beefy igpu and low idle power) option at the same time would mean 2 basically entirely different boards so I don’t see that happening.

Reasonable thing would be (asuming they do an intel and an amd version of the 16) to have the intel have a cpu beast and put a 7040hs into the amd one. The cpu power of the 7045 are amazing but they sacrifice too much else for it imo.

While you guys are gathering feedback, it’d be really cool if the selection page linked to some benchmarks for each combo.

Nvidia seems to have a leg up in the Generative ML space at the moment, but it sure seems like VRAM is king. I’m fucking pumped out of my mind for Stable Diffusion, Bark, and the various LLM advancements. I might just buy the card with the biggest VRAM. I hope that’s AMD.

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Wow, I am surprised to see Intel/Intel on the table, but definitely pleased it is being considered. I hope it works out even though it looks like it is a fairly low-interest combo (only 3% at the moment).


I am one of the guys because of random weird USB issues with AMD which AMD won’t fix on desktops. Compatibility with a wide variety of hardware is something I tend to require and despite all the efficiency of AMD that I like, that’s a crucial feature I need. I kinda wish Intel get their game up soon from Meteor Lake laptop and the subsequent desktops CPUs. As for Intel’s GPUs, Intel is probably the only competitor to Nvidia in regards to pushing through software support with developer due to their size.


AMD CPU for obvious reasons and AMD GPU for linux support.

I see the advantages of Nvidia GPU on Windows, but on Linux there is no option. I would consider an Intel GPU.

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Intel’s iGPUs support SR-IOV, which is the killer feature for me.
Currently, AMD’s dGPUs look better than Intel’s,
but using Intel ones means only one driver. So for dGPU both pros and cons.

So it will be:
CPU: Intel
GPU: Intel or AMD

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Wow a lot AMD fans here! I mean AMD is a great company and they are doing amazing things, at the moment they are not the best option for a laptop machine. (They are good with battery, we all know that).

Hope framework will release a Intel + Nvidia.

Yes, in the feature AMD will be the king, and I’m wafting for those APUS, specially the Ryzen 8000 APU. But those will not come to the laptop market any time soon. So in the mean time I need Intel + Nvida, need those cores!


My cheap ass Asus laptop just died on me tonight (seems to be a common problem for my particular model). FL16 can’t come soon enough. :frowning:

Take my money…please.


My vote is for AMD (due to low power usage) plus battery pack or even just a blank dummy insert for the external GPU slot.

I love the idea of the large modular slot at the back, but I’m not a gamer or planning to do any creative work that needs a dedicated GPU. I just need a laptop with a big screen for spreadsheets and similar office use cases, and I’d love to be able to spend hours working outside on my laptop without needing to find power.

At checkout I don’t want to be forced to spend money on a GPU that I don’t need, and I don’t have a 3D printer to print a blank insert for myself.


Intel CPU but AMD GPU for my vote, good enough for Apple and is good enough for me

Getting closer to 1k votes, and it’s pretty sizable lead in the CPU category

85% AMD
15% Intel


Being a Linux guy, I’d very much prefer Intel or AMD especially on the graphics side. Why? Both have a long history of actually supprting Linux with decent drivers. Nvidia? Not so much. Nvidia is “better” in more recent times but has a long way to go to demonstrate an actual, long lasting commitment to, especially, open source support for their GPUs. Nvidia’s overall business practices as of late - Massive price hikes - Are also a dis-incentive to wanting to give them the sale. I do have an Intel Arc A750 desktop GPU - It works quite well and has caused zero issues under Linux… I’d have zero issue going with a comparable Arc mobile GPU.

CPU side I also prefer AMD. I do occasionally run virtualization on desktops/laptops. The Intel E/P-core situation gets messy. With that said, if Intel’s options are markedly superior in battery life, temperatures/cooling, or overall performance I’d be OK going that route.

I’m not a gamer and don’t care how either CPU does with … What I am interested in is software development/compile, media, and general productivity. The main reason for me to choose Laptop 16 over 13 is primarily screen size - I’m not a fan of trying to do real work on tiny screens, with 16:10/1920x1200 rather than 16:9 being ideal. If I could order Laptop 16 with only integrated graphics and an extra battery in the GPU bay - Or extra NVMe slots - It would be pretty much perfect for my purposes… I can do fine without a dedicated GPU.


I would like to see an Intel CPU with DDR4 so we can reuse DDR4 memory and AMD with DDR5 (is not like there is an alternative memory for them I know) for the ones which prefer DDR5/have/want to buy new RAM

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I wonder if we’ll get any Intel HX processors. The MSI Titan is killing it, dominating the chart…but loud:

Option 1


Option 2

AMD CPU - mid tier
AMD GPU - mid tier

Option 3

AMD CPU - high tier
Nvidia GPU - high tier

I think its obvious, that some professional workload requires CUDA support. There are some workarounds that, like HIP - but they are required to be implemented by hand. Blender does this, as an example.

Second is ray tracing. Another point would be AI calculations, eventually.

I personally run a pure AMD rig, and I would also buy such one.

And realistically, from a company`s viewpoint, is NVidia too valuable to avoid.

Another factor is the new open source driver, and that the green goblins are finally releasing source code.

Probably because they got blackmailed to do so by the hacker attack, and nonetheless.

And the new driver, that will likely become a kernel driver, with mesa:

And I think the community voted for exactly that:

I do think an APU for the basic, and discrete CPUs for the two higher tiers are probably the more controversial parts of my proposal. :smile:

I like to buy a 16" inch laptop with Amd Gpu min. 12gb/ram, or even better 16gb/ram
I think for a 2023 Laptop is a decent gpu , if you promise upgradable Gpu,
what are the chance to this make happens ?!
Also Intel Cpu is a nice to Have configuration !
AMD cpu have a lot of problems this days …!

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Share your thoughts here.

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what exactly do you mean by this? I have been using AMD for well over a decade and have never encountered any problems since the early K series.


Generally from my understanding, they are ‘dominating it’ while sucking up 50% more power or so!
Although Intel definetly has its advantages :slight_smile: