PopOS! and Slack

Running into a small issue with the OS on my bandy new FW. Have been trying to get to parity with my old laptop, before making the full switch over and am running into one issue I can’t seem to get around. For some reason Slack (chat app), is the only thing I cannot get working for whatever reason. There is something going on with it where no matter what form of installation I use, there is this unbearable rerendering bug that makes the app useless.

Anyone have any idea what might cause this? I have already tried to kill hardware acceleration setting and from what I can see there are no other slack settings that should be an issue here.

Thanks all!

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I have been using the Framework 11th gen using Pop!_OS 22.04 (for 5 months) with a number apps including Slack.

I received the newer Framework model and was about to install the apps Slack, Zoom, etc.

Could I ask the following questions:
Do you have the Framework with the 11th Gen processor or the 12th Gen processor?

Did you use install the app from the Pop Shop?

  1. 12th
  2. Pop Shop as both a deb and flatpack, then when both failed I attempted it as a direct download from slack

Thank you for the quick reply. I finished the install of Slack on my Framework 12-gen (i7-1280P if that helps).

Slack was installed using flathub. For my employer the slack login has to go through a “Single Sign On”. I, also, gave my web browser - Firefox, permissions to launch the slack app.


The About screen for Slack has version 4.27.156 64-bit

Are you getting any error upon launch?

Hope this helps.

No errors on launch. Just the graphical issues.

What kind of graphical issue to you have? Maybe post a screenshot?

I’m using Manjaro Linux and so far the flatpak version runs without any issue.

I have these same issues. I believe it is a graphics issue with several Electron or browser-based applications (note that Slack desktop app is really just a browser underneath).

Try starting Slack with the --disable-gpu flag. Almost guaranteed that issue will go away for that session.

I posted in response to someone else having the same issue in another thread - Electron apps are blank / empty on startup

I will note that I experience this with other applications - VS Code, Chromium, Slack, Bitwarden, Balena Etcher. I also have the same issue on a Dell Precision 5540 running Ubuntu 22.04 (and a 4.x kernel). My Framework is the 12th gen i7 running a Xubuntu minimal install.

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I ‘feel’ / perceived that the iGPU dev team has been dropping the ball lately when it comes to stability. (For Iris Xe on the 11th and 12th gen)