Power Adaptor not charging after a reboot

With a Ryzen 7040 series (windows, BIOS 03.02) I need to completely disconnect the charger from the wall before it begins supplying power to the laptop.


  1. Connect charger to the laptop and verify in Windows that the charger is supplying power (and the LED should also be lit on the side of the device)
  2. Reboot the laptop
  3. View that the LED is no longer lit and the battery is not charging according to windows

In this state I have to completely disconnect the power adaptor from the mains power and reconnect it before power will be supplied to the laptop.

Has anyone else seen this or would throwing a BIOS upgrade fix this?


You should definitely try the BIOS update.

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I second this.

I had problems with the charger not charging with the 3.02 BIOS and after the update to the 3.03 BIOS the issue didn’t appear again.

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Seems to not happen now after a mix of windows and BIOS updates. I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it happens again

had the very same situation with an AC charger (original firmware 3.02, batch1, frame work AC charger) not charging when having left it plugged in the AC socket all the time but only from time to time attaching the laptop to the charger etc… my other thread, it kind of messed up my whole situation amongst other stuff ;(

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