Power button light

Jumping on this thread. Any possibility in the future of being to assign different functions to the power button light, either say SSD activity or make it user controllable via some method for notifications etc?


Just wanted to add another voice to say, this is my biggest problem with the Framework laptop.

Can’t wait for 3.05.

Do you know when that might be considering we are still on 3.03 beta?

+1 would love to see this addressed. It is way too bright in a dark room.

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It’s already been addressed in Bios 3.06 beta. But IMO we should have the option to make it less bright than the options given or to completely turn it off.


+1 for an “off” option. The 3.06 BIOS option to set it to “low” is a step in the right direction, but it still quite bright and “off” is much desired.

I think in a future hardware design, this key should move to being backlit. Right now there’s line-of-sight to the lights, as opposed to the backlit, indirect lighting for all the other keys. This makes it stand out much more even with a low light setting.


Loving my Framework, would really love to turn off that light too. I use my laptop a ton in the dark, even the bios settings in 3.06 has not made it dim enough for me.

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Is there a way to change the color from white to something else?

Linux-only and not a permanent solution but community tinkering is being done with the EC:

+1 requesting ability to turn off (or RADICALLY dim) the LED or turn it to a less distracting color.

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You can set the brightness of the power LED in the UEFI settings, but there are only three settings (bright, medium, dim) and the color remains white.

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You can use the ectool to set it to blue, which is unsupported, and results in the light being off.


Since the EC source was recently released, I’ve opened a request there: https://github.com/FrameworkComputer/EmbeddedController/issues/11

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Or even cleaner:

sudo ectool led power off

On another topic, I tried to get a finer control over led brightness by using

sudo ectool led power white=<value between 1 and 100>

But it doesn’t do anything :frowning:

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Anyone know how to force the power button light ON? I just replaced my input cover after my original power light was only half lit, and now the light won’t turn on at all :frowning:

Changing the brightness level in the bios does nothing, and I’ve checked the cable three times.

…this doesn’t sound right. Connection or hardware issue I’m guessing.

Indeed. I’ve identified the cause as being the connector between the touchpad and board. I’ve already contacted support for instructions.

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A couple of queries, if you don’t mind.

  • By replaced do you mean a new input panel or a removal and replacement of the existing one.
  • ‘half lit’ Like which half top/bottom or just very dim ??

Both. I received a new input cover, which the power light does not turn on at all. And I’ve also disassembled/reassembled the connectors on my original one.

The power button light is a square “ring” around the fingerprint sensor, and the top right corner on my original power button light is not lit (as if a single LED is not working).

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Hi I would like to boost this idea! This blue light is driving me mildly berserk. I might just put gaffa tape over it but that doesn’t seem like a good solution overall. Pls fix this one guys! Fanx, Claire

Would probably leave a mess.

If you want to use tape, use painters edging tape, it isn’t very sticky and comes off without leaving a mess