Prebuilt cheaper than DIY edition?

Hey guys, I was looking around the website at the various available options, and I noticed that the DIY edition is more expensive than the prebuilt despite that fact that it has the exact same hardware (okay wifi 6e vs 6 but that cannot be as much of a difference as the price reflects).

I just did a quick configuration, and even with significantly less storage and everything else the same the DIY edition costs more. Doesn’t make much sense to me, is there a particular reason for this?

In general, our aim is to make the two as close in pricing as we can for an equivalent configuration. The major difference as RandomUser noted is that DIY Edition with Windows 10 has a retail license, which is reusable unlike the OEM license on the pre-built units. If you have Windows 10 retail already from another machine or through one of Microsoft’s Edu programs or if you don’t want Windows, DIY Edition ends up being lower cost than pre-built.



So essentially if a person owns a windows license from say building a desktop PC then buying Windows 10 is not needed for the DIY edition because you could simply log into your Microsoft account while setting up Windows and not have to buy a second liscence?

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That is correct, though as far as I am aware, for a single retail license it should only be in use on one PC at a time.