PSA: Package Tracking Link/Number Incorrect

I didnt know whether to make a support request for this bug, but I think this works.

Recently I initiated an RMA on my input cover, and I received a shipping confirmation email from Framework about my incoming package which included the tracking number and a handy link to FedEx where I could track it. 4 days passed, and the link (as well as manually inputting the number to FedEx) told me that the number did not exist, and so I figured it just hadnt left the warehouse yet. To my surprise the next day the package turned up on my doorstep, mailed through UPS.

TLDR; If your tracking number is invalid, try another PO company.

UPS tracking numbers seem to start with ā€˜1Zā€™, mostly
USPS numbers with 9,
FEDEX numbers are a lot shorter than either of the two above.

All three have services where you can get notified that they have a package due to be delivered to your address.