PSA when removing the keyboard

The black screws holding the silver frame in place are extremely fragile and strip very easily.

Ask me how I know.

a very badly stripped screw


All down to having enough downward force not to turn the driver over the head settings. Hopefully you didn’t use an electric driver.

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I purchased one of the last 11th gen laptops which had the German keyboard and changed it out to the US-english. Yes it’s easy to strip the screw when tightening, luckily it should bite when you try to take it out. But it’s not like there’s any spare screws is there??

I will also say that all those awards and reviewers liking how the laptop is easy to work on has NEVER had to replace the keyboard. Absolutely horrible the number of screws and size of them. I’ve done lots of keyboard swaps on normal business laptops and they are a cake walk compared to this thing. 1 hour to change the framework keyboard. My prior Lenovo T470s took less than 5 minutes…

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But yes, why so many screws :scream:

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