Qubes on expansion drive

hey all I installed qubes on the expansion drive. Everything was working great. I would just pull up boot menu from bios depending if i wanted to boot from nvme or expansion drive. Then I unplugged the expansion card and bios no longer finds it as a boot option after plugging it back in. So I tried adding a grub menu option in my nvme linux os, but I cannot get it to chainload. Has anyone figured this out? Would love some help.

I think my end result is booting into grub off nvme and have a grub entry to boot the expansion drive, but i cannot get it to work.


Yes, because you need the expansion card inserted to boot Qubes, this has nothing to do with the UEFI or Laptop. Just simply the card isn’t inserted and the UEFI doesn’t see another bootloader.


Should have clarified. The expansion card is inserted. It was after I unplugged and plugged back in that bios no longer detects the bootloader

Figured it out. Sharing in case anyone else runs into same issue. Followed instructions under heading ‘Boot device not recognized after installing’. Here is link to docs: UEFI troubleshooting | Qubes OS

Looks like laptop is not detecting default Qubes efi config.