Qubes OS on the Frame.work Laptop

I was hoping to install Qubes on my new laptop, but for now I guess I’ll install Ubuntu 21 instead.


This operating system seems to be the holy grail of secure operating systems with the ability to sandbox poorly written operating systems like Windows.

Unfortunately I can’t even get Qubes OS to boot from any media at this stage.

Have you disabled Secure Boot in the BIOS? I know others in the forums have gotten Qubes to work on the Framework.

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Apparently the beta version of Qubes 4.1 works, but I can’t chance running it on a development system.

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Qubes betas are like Google betas, fairly stable overall they just don’t want to call it ‘done’ yet.

You can always run another Linux off USB or a storage module if you ever actually find a bug in Qubes that can’t be worked around.

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I’m anxiously awaiting my Framework, and Qubes is on the list of distros that I want to experiment with. I’ve used it in the past (several years ago) and while I loved some of the security/peace of mind it provides, there are definitely some things that make it hard to use as a daily driver for software development or general productivity if you aren’t intimately aware of the underlying system and how things work. I’m hoping some of that has been polished a little bit, but worst case, I end up repurposing my old laptop for Qubes and my secure computing tasks and run something else on the Framework.

Ohh precisely why I’m grabbing the 1tb expansion module. Putting qubes on that :slight_smile: