Question about Expansion Card release buttons

Greetings, I have received my laptop and it is working well, however I can’t find any information on the function of the tactile domes under the expansion card release buttons. When pressing a release button the retaining clip is disengaged and the click of a dome switch can be felt as the button reaches the end of it’s travel range. Are these only relevant to specific expansion cards, or do they trigger something in firmware?

No they’re just mechanical interlocks locking the expansion cards in.


Huh, I felt like there might be some reason to have that for the storage cards or display output or something; I guess I just poke at stuff too much.

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I also had a similar question. Are the mechanical interlocks replaceable if they break?

The whole unit that holds the release buttons is removable from the chassis using screws, but its not sold seperately from the Bottom Cover kit.