Question for Other Gentoo Users

I just got notified my Framework laptop is being shipped, and should arrive later this week (yay!). My question is in reference to CFLAGS in make.conf. I know GCC just added support for Tiger Lake in version 11, and I plan on running the stable branch, which has 11.2.

I was wondering what march you set & how your experience has been. I’m somewhat new to Gentoo & not sure what kind of issues I may encounter when setting a specific processor (march=tigerlake in this case) this soon after support was added, so I’m kind of leaning toward march=native.

This thread is a little stale, but generally speaking GCC doesn’t need a specific march definition. By defining --march=x86_64 GCC is fairly well optimized to choose the best flags to enable during compilation.

If you have the “graphite” flag enabled, and have build GCC, you could enable the following:
-floop-interchange -ftree-loop-distribution -floop-strip-mine -floop-block

But generally should only be enabled via package.env.