Quick removal of MLC SSD for security

Hi group,
Could I ask which goes on top, the 80mm primary or 30mm secondary SSD please?
I’m thinking about using a more reliable MLC drive as the top drive that I could perhaps remove and hide for security when I leave the house.
I have been using an external drive in an enclosure for this purpose up until now.
An expansion slot SSD would presumably be easier to remove but I doubt there would ever be one available with MLC.
Thank you.

This one. You can find photos of the slot in the Storage Deep Dive.

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80 is on top. Everything that is PCIE 4 is TLC im fairly certain. I think the last mainstream MLC drive is the Samsung 970 Pro whch the 990pro can run circles around at 1/4th the cost.

I would look at the 1tb expansion module if you want one that can be inserted and removed all the time as the NVME slots are not designed for constant install and removal. nor would the chassis be designed to be opened and closed constantly.

As i see it if you are that worried about security a 300LB fire proof safe bolted to the floor would be a more secure option…

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I wouldn’t count on this being a practical solution. The M.2 connector is not designed for this and you’d risk wearing it out prematurely, as well as whatever you have to take apart to get to it.

This is a much better option to physically secure it. You could also look into all the various ways to encrypt and lock the drive so even if the secret agents do get a hold of it, it’ll be useless. Alternatively, keep all your sensitive data on a low-profile USB drive or even one of the SSD expansion modules that can easily be removed and taken with you.