Quite satisfied with Linux Arch on Framework: a short story

This is a story as a shout-out to everybody here.

I got my Framework laptop three months ago. I am based in Switzerland but bought the laptop in Germany and brought it to Switzerland myself with a German keyboard. Framework support was not happy about that but I decided to proceed anyway. But of course there was a snag with the invoice as already discussed there: How to get an invoice?

Anyway, the laptop works!

I configured the keyboard as Swiss-German and it works well because my muscle memory is strong. It doesn’t matter that not all key labels are right (German keyboard layout).

I installed Arch Linux on my laptop and use swaywm as my window manager. Yesterday I configured the twelve F-keys to be bound to a workspace each but with different scales. I am getting old and sometimes I would like to browse without my reading glasses. I let swaywm scale like Retina (scale 2), this gives nice big, crisp and easy to read texts. For development I use scale 1, this gives a very dense development environment, but it is easy for me with reading glasses. I found correcting sunglasses the best and even use them the night. My eyes feel rested.

I had a six years old Macbook Air before.

Framework laptop pros:

  • Higher resolution
  • Faster processors
  • Faster disks
  • With Linux a lot more freedom in configuring

One thing I am especially proud of: I can tinker with BIOS without shutting down thanks to hibernation. Just hibernate, then press F2, configure and un-hibernate and continue.

This said, there are some downsides. But I knew that anyway:

  • Touchpad is a bit off even after enabling kinetic scrolling for Firefox (Kinetic Scrolling on Linux?), still trying to find a way to lower touchpad sensitivity, sometimes I click even before touching the pad, and also the cursor sometimes jumps when doing precise pointing, but this is a different subject
  • Some other quirky behavior, for example Signal scales texts badly (scale 2, however I see unneccessary blurring)
  • Configuration is time-intensive

But overall, I am happy. And that’s what matters.


Didn’t think of that, but have to try it now. Very cool!

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