RAM bank for 32 gig upgrade

I am in Batch 3 waiting for shipment information.
I will like to upgrade my RAM from my current 32 gig order to 64 gigs after some time of usage.
Can I then request for my order should come with only one card for the 32 gigs, with one additional bank to accommodate my next upgrade of an additional 32 gigs?
If there is any better way to handle this, let me know.
I will really love this flexibility.
Thank you.

Hi @Samuel_Nyarko. I asked a similar question before my Batch 2 order was shipped (16 gig to 32 gig). Unfortunately, the pre-built configurations aren’t able to be modified, per Framework Support.

I ended up just buying a set of sticks to do the upgrade after I received the laptop, and plan to sell the ones that came with it to offset the cost.

So if it’s a pre-built, no. Not sure what they might do if it’s a DIY order.

If it’s a diy they just let you change the order when you contact them. Very swiftly.

Looks like as of now they are shipping in dual channel configs. So you’ll always get 2 sticks.

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