RAM - Symmetric pairs required?

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Hey Framework team,

Does the ram need to be installed in symmetric pairs?

I’d like to start with 1x32GB stick for my initial order, and then later down the road get another 32GB stick if needed (for a total of 64GB). Any concerns or issues? Do I need to keep the ram paired/symmetrical (2x16GB, 2x32GB, etc)?


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Hi Zach, I don’t believe there is any functional constraint on mixed pairs (e.g. 16GB+8GB), but full dual channel performance needs matched sticks (e.g. 16GB+16GB), so we recommend that.


I believe there is never any reason you can’t run 1 stick now (you might not get maximum possible performance, but that’s it) and 2 of the same later. Running mixed sticks might be an issue, but even that is often “supported” (but you might lose some performance).


Thanks @pixelforest for bringing this up… I was thinking of doing the same as you - buying one stick at first and another when I could afford it. I hadn’t thought about possible negative consequences.

As someone who has never built a computer before, this is becoming a good learning experience. I know this isn’t the same as building a computer from scratch, but it’s still very educational.


I would just say, whilst you might get a performance decrease from one stick, it’s probably better to get one now as you always have the option to upgrade later!
For reference, my current laptop has 12GB in (4GB + 8GB as that was the max) and I’ve never had any issues…


Welcome to being a Builder. Wait until you do your first Desktop, but this should be a great laptop to get started with. One of the biggest reasons I have not invested into a new laptop is upgradeability and reparability. This laptop does not address the other reasons, but I believe that they are helping further what I want and is why I purchased one from them.

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my desktop has recently developed issues running two different sets of ram. both were same brand, same timings, but different kits/models. I would strongly recommend sticking with identical modules.

Matched sets for the win. I’ve known people do this and then 6 months or a year later…the ram they had is either not available or 3 times the price. So they have to get a unmatched stick.

I’d rather get two 16GB sticks first then get two 32GB later (if I really need them). You’ll get more takers on Ebay for a matching set too.

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thats basically what happened to me. I matched capacity, speed and timings and both sets were the same manufacturer, and it worked fine for quite a while, but then developed issues.