RAPL DRAM readings

Hey folks,

I have a DIY 11th gen Framework Laptop (CPU: i5-1135G7) running Ubuntu 22.04. I’m trying to read the RAPL MSR’s for my work regarding energy estimates of software products.

I can read the energy_pkg domain just fine, however the DRAM domain always returns a value of 0. I am unsure if this is because the functionality is simply not available for my specific processor, or I need to turn on some setting somewhere. I haven’t been able to find any documentation that says whether this is possible on my cpu.

I found this info here(https://github.com/intel/powergov) that seems to imply a BIOS setting may be needed to be turned on, but my BIOS does not have the mentioned memory options. In fact my bios settings are quite barebones.

FWIW, the code I’m running does provide dram energy readings on other machines - I’m just having an issue on my framework laptop.

So in short - does anyone have any experience with this?

@Kieran_Levin (I hope you don’t mind my tagging you in this, I saw you reply to other RAPl related questions and you seem quite knowledgeable in this domain)

Hey All,

is there any update on this topic? We have the same problem too and cannot read the RAPL Domains for DRAM although they should be available according to the Intel Developer Documentation for our CPU?

Bump. Is there any update? Maybe @Kieran_Levin ?