Redesign battery connector?

Not sure if a new topic is needed, I just didn’t see this discussed anywhere. Would a future version include redesigning the battery connection pins so they’re not so fragile? Something like the connector the touchpad uses, or what the battery connection in my asus has.


I wonder if you could just get an adapter that goes on the female and male batter connectors?


I agree. This connector design is terrible. Even having the pins closer to the bottom or top so they can be guided by the connector


Yep. I 1,000% agree. I’m glad this post exists.

I broke a pin in the connector within hours of receiving the laptop. My fault: I did not check the online guide nor did I know disconnecting the battery was unnecessary.

That said: I have built PCs and upgraded them; the repair technician said just about anyone would break it. This should be changed.

This connector is bizarrely fragile. I bet the battery and the screen will be replaced the most by users. This flaw makes it harder to do.

Again, the break was my fault. But it’s still a weird connector to use.


I think I broke my new laptop… by bending a pin for the battery connector on the mainboard Laptop will not turn on... again - #2 by Charlie_Hoover

Any advice?


@Charlie_Hoover I got a guy to repair it. Depending on the severity of the bend you might need professional help as well.

I was told by Framework support to try using some pliers to reach in and carefully bend it back. I did not end up doing this operation myself, so I cannot offer much intelligent advice.

I did end up buying the type of pliers I would have needed for this operation for future needs. The pliers I got were 2mm in size from Regular “needle nose” pliers I had on hand (that come with pre-assembled toolkits) ended up being too thick to reach into the housing.


We got into the same issue with our new laptop. @Charles_Thacher where did you find technician to repair the piece?

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Happened to me for the cooling fan header… I had to use this:


@Lisa_W They were specific to my area. I am a student, and my college IT had a guy they recommended to students. If you do a little research on your area, you should be able to find a place kind of quick (or ask some techy friends and family; they might be able to make a recommendation on who to go to).

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