Redesign internal space


what if create a frame design where the mainboard goes vertically on the righe side.(15,6´)

(Use the typeC directly for connection) but gain more space on the left side: for 1. usb hub internal.

, 2 bigger battery., 3., gpu-board and battery

cover with keyboard: make it separated band line for keyboard and touchboard with the option to move them up and down. Design with the similar concept as on this picture, but Im talking about the touchpad


I don’t think you’ve thought this through very well or have a decent appreciation for the design decisions that were made. A redesigned chassis would negate the premise of the laptop as upgrades would no longer be drop-in replacements. Nor can FW just shrink the board to fit vertically. Without adding more volume to the chassis (by making it larger) there isn’t any room for additional components.


I mentioned 15,6 dim. also usb hub on the left side

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I still fail to see any benefit to this approach. Why on earth would I give up having ports on the right side? I like having a choice. That is one of the points of how it is designed. It still negates the design decisions and negates the point of expansion cards. The laptop as is could have all the ports you want but they wanted every port to be thunderbolt and leave the choice up to the user. This doesn’t not jive with that approach.

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Looks cool. But for the vertical motherboard placement i cant help but to question why? Is the current design generating more heat than it should as oppose to have it vertically?

Also for the GPU thing, i cant see how that can be upgraded as that is going to generate more expenses than what this device should have… i think instead of doing that, more work and attention should be put to improving eGPU support… its more practical.

And the compatibility for the MAC docks. That i definitely want to see, i think even some lenovo docks are like that and its always a plus
to have compatibility with more hardware!

Also +1 for a bigger battery capacity hands down…

And as for the keyboard stuff… idk, i dont think there are alot of people that actually want this… but w.e.:thinking:

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