rEFInd Mouse Support

I recently installed rEFInd. It works great, but mouse support doesn’t work. According to the rEFInd Config Options (under enable_mouse) it says that EFIs need to provide the necessary support. What “necessary support” means is unclear.

I already tried enabling PS2 mouse emulation. It is set to Auto in my BIOS (am on v3.03) but it doesn’t appear to do anything.

Can the “necessary support” be added? Or should some other setting be changed to fix mouse support?

Source code for rEFInd is available. It should be easy to find what UEFI protocol it’s looking for and then to find out why it can’t find it on your laptop. Any missing protocol can be loaded by rEFInd - it just requires a UEFI driver to be installed in the rEFInd drivers folder. This is mentioned in the drivers documentation.
The rEFInd Boot Manager: Using EFI Drivers

That same documentation says Clover has some mouse drivers. Other hackintosh type boot loaders such as OpenCore may also have some mouse drivers. Some of these may come from edk2 source. If framework’s firmware is missing mouse drivers, they could add them in a firmware update but since you’re using rEFInd, you might as well just have rEFInd load the driver.

I have never used a mouse driver in rEFInd (or RefindPlus). I have used mouse support in OpenCore (setup by OCLP OpenCore Legacy Patcher to run macOS Monterey on an iMac (27-inch, Late 2013)).

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UPDATE: I found a mouse driver! But its really bad.

I found a USB and PS2 mouse driver in the CloverBootloader (If you want it download the ISO (I used release 5141), go to \EFI\CLOVER\drivers\off\ to find Ps2MouseDxe.efi and UsbMouseDxe.efi, and shove those in the rEFInd drivers folder).

The USB mouse driver works well with a USB mouse, but using the touch pad via the PS2 mouse driver (don’t forget enabling PS2 emulation in the BIOS) is horrible. It isn’t precise, it only moves when the left button is being held, and it refuses to move right for some reason. I screwed around with the mouse speed setting but it didn’t help much. I think this is as good as its going to get though so I’m going to end my search here.

Note: I’m using BIOS version v3.03 so if you are trying this five years in the future, maybe try again?