Regarding the unknown 16 specs

I really hope we aren’t stuck with Intel with the 16 there as that would be a hard “no” from me. I want a good HS Phoenix or a decent Dragon Range + middle range dGPU as options for the 16. Ideally not Nvidia, or not JUST Nvidia as that would add tons to the cost and cripple compatibility with all our current and future Linux users. I don’t know what kind of good 8x PCI GPUs exist or WILL exist by the time the 16 is ready to be fully unveiled (I know that 16x cards can go 8x, but ideally the card I want won’t really need more than 8x anyway, or a ton of power to draw).

A companion post will appear in the Framework 13 section about my concerns there about the APU ambiguity (U or HS). My overall feeling is that there isn’t enough information on either of these models to justify a smart purchase. I desperately need an upgrade to my 11th gen Framework, and I don’t even know what I’m getting into either way by purchasing a 13 AMD board now or waiting for more 16 specs.


The specs have not been announced yet. There’s not too much point in speculating, we just don’t know.


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What is the approximate expected weight range for Framework 16?
Is it possible to expect a vapor chamber cooling solution?

At this time, we have no information regarding specifics about the 16 inch model’s specifications, price, or weight. Keep an eye on their blog and newsletter for any updates.


Do you think it’s reasonable to expect that the laptop will have 256GB maximum RAM or more?
I already have a laptop that is about 2 years old and it has maximum 64GB of RAM.

But the product page for 7840U CPU (that is put into the FW13) says that the maximum RAM is 256GB:

I guess it boils down to how many RAM slots it will have. Also the FW16 CPU may not be with the U moniker, since there is enough space for a more powerful one and cooling for it.

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And how big sodimms are actually going to be made. 32GB DDR4 sodimms came very late in the DDR4 aera and DDR5 has a much higher theoretical max capacity.

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Mushkin has listed a 96GB set (2x48GB), so that’s at least a step towards higher capacity.


I can totally see 128gb+ sodimms being a thing towards the end of the ddr5 aera.

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I ‘think’ everyone would be fine with a R9 7940hs, no brainer there, intel is pure crap lately I had the luxery to switch through 5000h, 6000hs, 12gen and 13gen laptops for work, cant miss the 6900hs enough!!!

however amd only released the 7600M XT so far that is pretty low range comparing to 6800m and the specs are not good for productivity either, the R&D/research/dev community would very much need CUDA for development with high end specs.

I have a i9+175w 4080 right now(hate the battery life and doesnt run at 175 without embarresing jet engine sound effects) and I’m actually very excited to switch to the FW16 for a better batterylife with amd as long as i can get a 140/+w 4080/90. I dont need that much for gaming but defo for rendering models stuff at work.

AMD is improving on ROCm support, but its still clunky, maybe next year when they release a 7950M XT or something ill be tempted. But my previous 165w 6850mxt wasnt really powerful outside gaming.

i think it would probably be set up so u could swap out stuff from your 13 inch if you wanted too so chances are the only changes that would happen is that u can fit more in it now which opens up a lot of oppurtunites like adding a extra spot for more ram or storage

I’ve got a few questions:

  1. What will be the max Ram? Gb and sockets
  2. What will be the max storage and socket type
  3. Will there be a Spanish ISO version?

I’m not sure if these questions can be answered but just in case I’ll post them here