[REQUEST] Fedora Workstation 39 Bug Reporting

Greetings all,

Anyone experiencing issues with Fedora 39, it will be immensely helpful if we can get issues logged onto Bugzilla so the Fedora team can work to replicate and squash.

Sometimes I am unable to replicate the exact issue experienced by a customer, after multiple attempts, we go nowhere with it. But, we need the ability to gather the customer experience for the Fedora team to help.

Filing a bug and then tagging me directly there is going to help a TON.

From here, we may be able to replicate and solve these issues faster.


Existing bug reports:


For the 2nd ticket 2247154, please remember adding the Framework Laptop top level ticket ID 2240811 to the item: Blocks, that’s like the 1st ticket 2244221. By doing this, people watching the top level ticket 2240811 notice.


Ack, can’t believe I forgot. Will do in the morning. Great catch. Thanks

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Here’s the issues I’m having on F39 so far:

  • Touchpad gestures are not working. Attributed to defaulting to X11 rather than Wayland.
  • fwupd times out when attempting to upgrade.

It’s late in my timezone so I’ll try and cut issues to bugzilla in the morning.

Try disabling secure boot, try again with BIOS update. X11 means a release behind.

I really should have followed the installation instructions through to the end. Upgrading BIOS to 3.03 fixed booting to X11 and fwupmgr timeout. I have my gestures back! :smiley: Thanks for the help!

HSI seems to have some weird changes; Trimmed output to just failing:

summer@st-fw:~$ fwupdmgr security --show-all
Host Security ID: HSI:4 (v1.9.7)
✦ Supported CPU: Invalid (obsoleted)
✦ Intel CET Active: Not supported (obsoleted)
This system has HSI runtime issues.
 » https://fwupd.github.io/hsi.html#hsi-runtime-suffix
Host Security Events
  2023-11-08 20:20:15:  ✘ Supported CPU changed: Valid → Invalid
  2023-11-08 20:08:43:  ✔ Supported CPU changed: Invalid → Valid
  2023-10-09 09:52:32:  ✘ Supported CPU changed: Valid → Invalid
  2023-02-24 13:34:26:  ✔ Intel CET Active changed: Supported → Not supported

I ain’t too sure why the stuff October and earlier happened neither, but the November changes happened around update time. Silverblue 12th gen i5

JSON here

org.fwupd.hsi.SupportedCpu is flagged as action-contact-oem, so that’s why I’m opting to post here instead of in the fedora bugzilla

I replied on a thread with a similar problems, but I don’t know if it’s the same one so I’ll link it here in case it’s relevant.