[RESOLVED] Recent update means mic isn't picking up any sound

A fresh install a week ago of Fedora 38 KDE had my mic working. A few days back I did dnf distro-sync and now the mic isn’t picking up any sound. All audio recording apps pick up the fact that the mic is there, but only record a bit of static. I am at a loss how to fix this or even begin to search for solutions. I am on a Framework 13 w/ 11th gen intel.

Thanks for your help!

Just reproduced here, Fedora 38 GNOME Wayland. Also 11 Gen system.

Hang-my-head-in-shame PEBKAC here - yeah, I had the mic switch to off. Works fine after fixing that.

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Now worries, I once had someone swear that USB died…finally got them to look where the connection should have been made, wasn’t connected. We all have PEBKAC moments. :slight_smile:

@Matt_Hartley I saw you marked the thread resolved, but only the commenter on my thread fixed their issue. My issue is still unresolved…

Ah, I misunderstood - mixed my original poster here:

Can you explains where you turned it off (hardware switch on bezel or in the sound settings? If in sound settings or application specific, can you provide me with a screen shot?

In my case it was the hardware switch. Camera and mic are routinely switched off at the bezel unless I’m in a video call.

FWIW both pipewire and wireplumber had updates in F38 in the past few days.

For @dimitris this sounds like it was resolved:

@Isaac_Peetoom_Heida is still in process it sounds like.

Updated BIOS to 3.10 and the problem is fixed! Thanks to the support team for their help :slight_smile:


Awesome-sauce, marking resolved as it appears both folks affected are good to go now. :slight_smile: