[Resolved?] Screen stays on on lid close (13 AMD Gentoo)

I’ve been running Gentoo with a dist kernel fine for a few weeks but now I’m trying to set up a custom kernel. Just about everything seems to be working except for the ability to suspend.

I have elogind and loginctl suspend has been working fine and, on top of that, the system would suspend when closing while using the dist kernel.

With my custom kernel, when I try to loginctl suspend it seemingly suspends but the screen never shuts off. When I close the lid, it does the same thing but again, the screen never shuts off.

I’ve made sure suspend/hibernate are enabled in my kernel.

Could this be a kernel module I’m missing or something? Something related to acpi?

Run scripts/amd_s2idle.py · master · drm / amd · GitLab

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@Mario_Limonciello thanks for that!

So, I tried to use it and it said I needed dynamic debugging enabled in my kernel. I did that, but when I rebooted it said it was missing the dm_mod modules so I couldn’t decrypt my root partition. I have no clue why, because it’d been working fine before that.

I rebooted into the dist kernel, ran rm -rf * under /lib/modules/6.6.1-gentoo, rebuilt my kernel and kernel modules, then rebooted. This time I got in… and suddenly suspend is working?

So, no clue what the actual issue was but that script at least forced me to fix it somehow.

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