[RESOLVED] Trackpad issues on FW 16

I have been using my Framework 16 for about a week now, and suddenly after a reboot my trackpad stopped working. I don’t see it in the output of lsusb, and my external bluetooth mouse seems to work fine. I tried rebooting again, but no luck. I also tried moving it to a different position and still no dice.

I haven’t seen another thread with this issue so starting one to see if anyone has any ideas or fixes.

I’m on the 3.03 BIOS, and running Kubuntu 24.04

Reboot into an older kernel to make sure it is not a driver issue of the current one.

I am a glutton for updates so I reversed that, updating to the latest ubuntu mainline kernel following ubuntu’s instructions, and that seems to have fixed it!

Thanks for the suggestion of changing kernels tho!


Glad this is resolved.

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