[RESOLVED] Wayland mega thread and Fractional scaling (Fedora 39 Beta)

It seems that now is in the frozen state. That is new updates of the RPM packages are limited except the blocker issues.

For example, this RPM package:

This update will not be pushed to stable until freeze is lifted from Fedora 39.

Don’t worry this is a typical Fedora’s release process.


One more thing.

The command option --enablerepo=updates-testing is to enable the testing repo for only this command. It doesn’t enable the testing repository as a default.

$ sudo dnf upgrade --enablerepo=updates-testing --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-192e09f394

You can check your enabled repository by the command below.

$ dnf repolist enabled
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Yep, this is what was happening.

I have a machine setup with 3.02 BIOS now. Doing some Ubuntu testing today, then will bounce this over later this afternoon to see what is up on this front.

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Confirmed, 3.02 issue, works fine in my testing release of 3.03.


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Has anyone been able to get the VLC flatpak working under Wayland? VLC launches and can play media–I can hear audio–but it is invisible. I’ve tried enabling x11-fallback via Flatseal to no avail. It works fine in an X11 Gnome session for some reason. I’m on BIOS 3.03.

@mphi I have vlc flatpak on fedora 39 beta running fine. It does not support wayland window (Can't get wayland mode anymore with flatpak VLC · Issue #149 · flathub/org.videolan.VLC · GitHub), so the text is blurry, but the video plays fine.

Is there a particular video you are testing? I have tested with https://youtu.be/4yUMOK9dOQc 720P downloaded via Freetube.

@Matt_Hartley Sorry for the late reply, but confirming now that 3.03 BIOS resolves this issue for me.

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Delighted to hear it! I’ll mark this as resolved.