[RESPONDED] 11th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.17 Release

Ok, I’ll make a stronger statement, then: customers shouldn’t have to install a new OS just to update their BIOS when they already have another OS installed that’s supported by the manufacturer.

I understand the “why”, I just find it unacceptable. If you’re going to say you support multiple OSes, then support them equally. Otherwise don’t say you support more than just Windows.

I will certainly not be foolish enough to do something as critical as a BIOS update via a “hacky workaround”.

And if I did, and it bricked my laptop, I would fully expect Framework Support to justifiably laugh at me when I ask for help.

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You’re free to make that decision and no one would fault you for that. However, from a bigger perspective, Window’s marketshare dwarfs that of Linux so a lot of companies will develop tools for Windows. Framework has to use the tools provided to them by their partners full stop. They’re not at the size where they have in-house tools to provide BIOS updates which is something you would expect of large brands. They’ve done the best that they can by working to ensure their hardware works across several Linux distros and providing support to users if they have issues. They’ve also now have contracts for people to make BIOS updates so things should improve. I would say that goes a long way in terms of support.


While you are right in principle, and I did the windows dance to get the newest bios myself, I believe to have seen numbers here in the forum that indicate Linux may be close to parity on frame.work . At least as far as people posting on forums goes :person_shrugging: This would take all the wind out of your argument, were it true, no?


No it wouldn’t. I’m talking about Linux as a whole. Some stats estimate Windows to have a market share of around 60-70% while Linux has a market share of about 3% for desktop use. Desktop Operating System Market Share Worldwide | Statcounter Global Stats

Someone also mentioned why doesn’t Framework not advertise having Linux support and I would say if they’re not going to advertise it, why bother hiring Linux support staff? And why even bother testing your hardware for Linux compatibility? Then you’ll have people on this forum complaining about having Linux issues with no one but the community only being able to help them out. A lot of software issues I see on this forum are Linux ones because there’s a wide range of distros and versions that people use.

Don’t like nuanced discussion? Fine. Peace out

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It’s important to remember that Framework doesn’t have full control of the situation. As many have stated before, Framework is relying on upstream companies for their BIOS code. Previously, those upstream companies have only given Framework update tools for Windows, which is why Framework is able to quickly get those update packages out right away. They then had to adapt those tools themselves to make them work for Linux users. I’d say that’s a lot of dedication to their Linux users, and an understanding by Framework that their Linux community matters.

This time is slightly different. Because of the last minute problems they’ve been having with AMD Firmware, and the ongoing issues with updates to the 12th gen laptops, they have been scrambling to get all these different projects finished, and have been doing their best to prioritize all these things properly. They were able to get the Windows tools out with minimal effort as a stop-gap for the 11th gen users who NEED these BIOS updates now, but they now need to focus on other things for a bit. They are still committed to getting the Linux tools out, they just can’t take all the time they would need right now.

The final part of this to be aware of, is that Framework has already announced that they have worked with their upstream BIOS company to get more of that companies resources working with Framework. While all these issues are happening now, they do have future plans to (hopefully) avoid another situation like this in the future. It’s going to be rough right now, but Framework has not forgotten about anyone, and they are working towards improving this process in the future, but lets not forget all the hard work and dedication they’ve had in the past, and give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

I was really disappointed when I found out about the 12th gen BIOS delays. A lot of people are having issues with hardware that has been out for a year, and isn’t even sold new anymore. It seems like a bad situation spiraled out of control, and it’s being compounded by the fact that they are having unexpected issues with their new product launch, but it can be really hard to expect issues like this before they happen, and the good news is that now that it has happened, Framework are already working on solutions to make sure it doesn’t happen again, instead of sweeping it under the rug and ignoring the underlying causes.


@Azure Which is exactly why I have suspended my current unhappiness pending the results of these new processes. I’m giving Framework 6 months to put these processes in place and fix these issues or at least provide me an update how the new processes are going. This mess was entirely preventable, given that what it sounds like there was no dedicated team previously. Having said that, the important thing is that the underlying root cause has been identified and presumably solved. Lambasting Framework accomplishes nothing and does nothing to help me, so it’s worthless to continue down that path. So while I’m sympathetic to those unhappy with the current situation, I for one will cease my complaints for the near future pending results/future updates.


What issues are there BIOS wise for 11th Gen?

All the issues I’ve noticed…mainly total lock up when the BIOS battery runs out are now fixed. If it wont fire up on battery, I just plug the power in and it boots up right away. Big improvement.

It all works fine now it seems. I must add I’m a 100% Windows user.

I would not be that upset if Framework stopped BIOS updates for 11th gen at this point.

If I understand correctly, the main one is that the new BIOS can recognize the 61Wh battery. At this point most 55Wh batteries in circulation are still in good state, but the battery is the most “consumable” component and most likely one to need replacement in a year or two. Chances are, the 61Wh is the only one available by then. It would be nice to be able to use those extra 6Wh once you’ve bought them.


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And I can confirm that as well. I have upgraded the BIOS ~1 week ago and the battery has not exploded yet :rofl:

Yes, I had the battery for ca 3 months already as I was able to snatch it at the point it was mistakenly made available at the store :rofl:

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Good news is the 61 watthour battery is now in stock so get it while you can if you want it.

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I’d love to, but sadly not yet supported on 12th gen.

It’s supported, it just won’t register the larger capacity until the next BIOS update. In case you want to buy it now while it’s in stock so you have it when the update arrives.

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Will there EVER be an ETA for a Linux option to install the 3.19 BIOS?

@njsf so it looks like for now they are prioritizing 12th gen over 11th. NRP stated there was a new process being put in place for BIOS updates and it if all goes well then 12th gen BIOS will be released shortly and then 11th gen will have its turn

I was able to follow the below instructions and update my BIOS to 3.19
[RESOLVED] How do I install BIOS updates with Linux - #7 by ChrisGC


  • I downloaded the windows 11 ISO directly from Microsoft’s website at no cost.
  • I used a Ventoy disk as the USB bootable media.
  • The process did mess up my GRUB /boot/EFI setup. I did NOT remove my M.2 drive. My fix in Manjaro was to copy the Manjaro EFI file over the /boot/EFI file. The following post had better luck removing his NVME drive to avoid the GRUB corruption. [RESPONDED]🎅 3.19 BIOS Upgrade for Linux? - #9 by pkunk

I thought the process was pretty straightforward besides the GRUB issues

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I saw this article on Ars Technica today. Looks like we might see a Linux BIOS updater this summer? I am hopeful the framework team will figure things out!


That’s a great article, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: good insights into the difficulties of supporting a tall product stack. If they’re going through products one at a time, maybe 11th gen will be done first? :pleading_face: