[RESPONDED] AMD Ryzen 7040 framework 13 debian testing trixie display white flasing

I have decided to install debian testing on my framework 13 with ryzen 7040. Because of the kernel version it comes with. The operation is correct as a general rule but occasionally, especially after raising the PC from rest, the screen starts flashing white as shown in the video:

I don’t know what causes the problem, my theory, as strange as it may sound, is that Steam is to blame. Because after these errors app-gnome-steam does not close correctly. Even so, it seems strange to me that Steam produces white screen errors while the computer closes as shown in the image:

I don’t know what else to do, any ideas? Anyone else with the same problem?

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Three things to check:

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Thank you very much for the reply. I have tried the first two suggestions. Before it happened to me more or less once a week. If it happens again, it will keep you posted.

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Good news after an update of the packages that included amd-graphics and adding the parameter amdgpu.sg_display=0 to grub. It works perfectly for now. I don’t know which of the two things has fixed the problem. But it may be related to this other one:

I leave this post here in case the same thing happens to anyone else.

** I apologize for the long response time, but for some reason I didn’t hit the reply button and it has been left as a draft all this time.