[RESPONDED] AMD Ubuntu Mouse Glitchy

So got my Framework, got it all built up and Ubuntu 22.04.3 installed and followed all the instructions for the OEM kernel. I’m noticing that the mouse is glitchy when the CPU’s busy and it’s really messing up the smoothness of the experience as a whole. Anyone else seen this yet and anyone know what might be a fix?

I know it’s early days with this guy yet, but hoping this’ll be a relatively simple fix…

Hi @Gavin_Haslett, welcome to the community.

We recently released a BIOS beta that addresses a wide range of issues on Linux, please find the update procedure here.

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Thank you. Yeah, I updated my BIOS last night. I’ll be testing it at length today and will report back.

I’m still getting the issue but it seems I have found a workaround. Particularly after the system first wakes from sleep it’s under heavy load due to connecting to WiFi, catching up on update checks and the like. As a result I saw my system load get up over 10 and even up to 15 during the first few minutes of waking up. Noticing there was a lot of disk activity I made a change.

For the record, I had built my Ubuntu system using ZFS because I like it and I love the bleeding edge… anyway I had set compress=zstd on the rpool of my system in order to take advantage of the compression it can give me. However noticing a lot of ZFS writes were queued I switched my pool to lz4 instead of zstd. This seems to have alleviated the load significantly; I saw the system load get up to 16 before I made the switch and within seconds of the change it was down below 10 again and is now hovering around 4 as I type this. It does appear that the problem DOES occur under very heavy load and it might in this case be an interaction issue between the AMD CPU and ZSTD compression that’s causing the issue here… notable also that I was on battery power at the time so I wonder if ZSTD compression is just not optimized for AMD or the CPU is just getting overwhelmed when it low power states.

Anyway, at the moment the problem appears to be worked around if not resolved and I will keep an eye on it as I continue to use the system.

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Thanks @Gavin_Haslett for updating the thread.