[RESPONDED] Any chance of trackpoint?

I’m in the trackpoint club. I received my i7 on Thursday, so obviously it wasn’t a dealbreaker for me, but it seems like these forums are full of Thinkpad addicts who are growing increasingly disillusioned with Lenovo and want an alternative. All in all, we’re probably a minority of all the entire laptop market, but a substantial percentage of Framework’s core market. I think the large touchpad and thin form factor has a broader appeal, though, and is probably the best decision in gen 1 to maximize sales.

The advantage of Framework’s design philosophy is that they don’t have to be mutually exclusive in the long run - all it takes is one genius who figures out how to build an alternate keyboard/panel which fits the chassis while replicating the Thinkpad keyboard, and I’ll throw my money at him that very day. In the meantime, the existing design is acceptable, if not my ideal.


+1 trackpoint. Like most of the other posters here, I just don’t use trackpads… if I have to use a laptop that doesn’t have a trackpoint, I’ll plug in a mouse when I can or just use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible when I can’t.

Been using Thinkpads for 20+ years, and the Framework is the first laptop that’s tempting me off them, but not without a trackpoint.


Longtime ThinkPad user Cory Doctorow (sci-fi author, blogger, activist, tech thinker, etc.) writes about switching to a Framework, missing the TrackPoint… and actually makes reference to this forum thread!



For me the trackpoint along with the physical mouse buttons is key. Center button + trackpoint scrolling being my favorite use. I’ll give the touchpad a shot but for now I’m probably just going to use a mouse, with touchpad as a last resort if I’m traveling, etc. I mostly use a vertical mouse if I’m sitting at a desk anyway as I find the ergonomics more comfortable.


+1 for keyboard option with trackpoint. I hope it will be available in the marketplace later :slight_smile:


My suggestion:

Having a laptop version of this would make me, and most people I know, switch to Framework immediately.


Trackpoint? I would buy it, would be quite the jump from my classic keyboard modded x230/T430.


This is the only thing preventing me from buying a Framework. Many shops and other areas almost exclusively use Thinkpads because of their trackpoint. Any work done in the field (especially with gloves) at these places, basically requires a trackpoint. I really hope Framework or a third party through the market place creates this. As soon as this is possible, I will buy a Framework in a heartbeat.


Having a TrackPoint (pointing stick) on my laptop is an extremely important feature for me. ThinkPads have really dropped the ball over the last few years with soldered memory, and I’d be first in line to buy a Framework Laptop whenever an pointing stick keyboard option is available.

Please note that there needs to be three buttons directly under the keyboard (left-click, scroll/middle-click, and right-click), not two. Some non-ThinkPad laptops cheap out and only provide two buttons (left-click and right-click), omitting the scroll/middle-click button that makes the pointing stick worthwhile. Please don’t do that, since it would be such a waste.


The two things holding me back right now from buying a Framework are Touchstick/Trackpoint and a touchscreen w/stylus. I am coming from an X1 Yoga w/Arch Linux, which I really love, but don’t love the memory limitation of 8GB on it.


I personally like the ThinkPad keyboards, I even bought a ThinkPad II wireless keyboard that matches my X1 perfectly so when I dock I am on the exact same keyboard and my muscle memory is not uninterrupted, which I think everyone should do too, it makes a big difference in switching from dock to mobile.

So, I actually would prefer the ability to swap in a real ThinkPad keyboard. e.g.


Here is the external matching ThinkPad Keyboard II w/TrackPoint:

(* I could only post one embedded photo as a new member so had to make a 2nd post)


I am looking to replace my Thinkpad X270. I would much rather get a Framework laptop than the new X1 carbon, but I have preferred using the trackpoint since the mid 90s.

It seems the best option would be a replacement keyboard bezel/palm rest which could accommodate a thinkpad keyboard.

I look forward to seeing the marketplace open.


with or without a trackpoint device, I admit that I miss having the keyboard close to the edge of the laptop (no track pad) Never really used the trackpoint even when I have one.


@Ben_Henry Also coming from the X270. It is the best form factor I’ve ever had in a laptop. But being only dual core has made it age before it’s time. Excited for the Framework with or without a Trackpoint. But the moment one is available, I’ll be shelling out for that upgrade.


Agreed with many of the posters above - a trackpoint and touchscreen are required for any notebook. Trackpads are unusable IMHO.


Thinkpad style trackpoint would basically make the surface laptop a guaranteed buy in my book, doubly so if/when they come with ryzen hardware. so absolutely +1 to this needed a trackpoint keyboard option


I purchased a DYI I-5 but would love to replace the keyboard with one that has trackpoint


I love that this thread is so long, and that so many people love the trackpoint. I love it as well!!! It would be great if we could get a keyboard upgrade (as that is how I would classify it) with a trackpoint.

For all of you saying you would instant buy one, consider buying one and trusting in the companies goal of making 3rd party upgrades and parts a reality. The company’s vision is worth it.


+1 to @2disbetter Expecting mine to arrive in November and I will do my best to re-learn some touchpad wizardry (Pop_OS has some pretty cool touchpad gestures built in). Looking forward to seeing either a trackpoint keyboard or some type of adapter to allow us to hack in a Thinkpad replacement keyboard. They are certainly plentiful enough on the market. That may be a harder engineering problem than just building one from scratch for the Framework, but I love the possibilities.