[RESPONDED] Does Desktop Environment affect compatibility?

Linux noob here, I’ve used Gnome once in the past and didn’t have a great experience. I’m getting a Ryzen FW 13, batch 1. I prefer Mint, but I’ll probably use Ubuntu for the official support compatibility and reliability. Would it potentially affect compatibility if I use a different flavour of Ubuntu than default?

Yes, it can. Will it? Under most instances no, however individual issues can crop up that are DE specific. Hate to say it Batch 1 AMD you will likely have a more problem free experience on Fedora simply because the update cycle is more frequent, and the likelihood of needing to update through issues is higher.

Echoing nadb’s comments. Using 22.04.3 Ubuntu and its guide are good. Fedora is also good as well with its guide. We focus heavily on GNOME as other desktop environments may behave differently and frankly, are not tested nearly as often or as thoroughly as those distros listed above using GNOME.

@a4955 It will affect your support experience I would guess since alternate DE’s are not supported and you might be asked to replicate the issue on GNOME. Additionally, it is my understanding that Canonical does not actually create the various Ubuntu flavors. Despite being listed on Canonical’s website. I might be wrong but that is my understanding.


Disclosure, I was a bug reporter for Ubuntu MATE years ago. I also provided some early testing and suggestions for the early Software Boutique.