[RESPONDED] Doubt starfield premium framework 16 amd

You’ll have the key, you can redeem the code, you can redeem the code using the steam mobile app, or website if you don’t have a PC in general, and if you don’t have a pc you can play the game on, you’ll have to wait until Q1 to play it.

He shouldn’t have to really. I mean once the game is redeemed on Steam, it is not like the Steam client is validating the GPU being used to play the game.

You can play the game anywhere you can use the Steam client and have the appropriate hardware. (to be clear, no game developer is going to target a single brand of GPU and not allow the game to work with any other GPU. So what I am saying here is that you have some kind of capable graphics card, and it need not be an AMD based one.)

That’s what I’m saying, I don’t think the question is clear.

Is he asking what he’s suppose to do because he has capable hardware but he has Nvidia,
Is he asking because he doesn’t have a capable device to play the game
Is he asking because he wants to know/understand how the code’s are working.

Are we sure the code provided will be a Steam key? I haven’t read anywhere that the promotion will be redeemed through Steam? I know some of the NVidia promotions are redeemed through a third party website, and they check to ensure there is an eligible NVidia graphics card installed before the download begins. If someone can link to the information showing this is definitely through Steam (rather than assuming), if would be of great interest. Before someone says this is AMD not NVidia, I know that. I’m just saying it cannot be assumed this key will be redeemable through Steam.

I’m pretty sure all AMD’s redemption keys are for steam, my last one was, and the AMD website links to your steam account.

Redemption of the code is done through the AMD Rewards website, and doesn’t require use of a verification tool. The provided key is a Steam key.


Thank you or the clarification.

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Unfortunately they already allocated all the starfield codes… you should have gotten a verification email from Framework that you would be receiving a game code.

The distribution should happen any day now right?
Since we got the Starfield Premium Edition, which makes us eligible for playing on the 1st of September and you would “… distribute the codes […] prior to the official launch”


I asked support and they said the cut of date for getting the code is april 28th, so as long as you get the graphics card before the 28th youre probably gonna get a code.

Does anyone have any idea when Starfield keys are going to be distributed for AMD’s Framework 16 promo?

It says on an email I received that they should be delivered before the Early Access launch of the game which is on the 1st but I’ve not seen anything since. Does anyone have anymore information about this? I’m not sure if AMD are known for delivering during a predictable window.

28th is the cut of day to get the starfeild code when you add or pre-order a framework 16, So i imagine, we will be seeing codes on the 29th

Where did you see August 28th as a cut off date?

I too wonder how this will work considering how far away the Framework 16 is from shipping.

Has anything been said regarding customers who might experience buyer’s remorse for the external GPU? If someone receives a code for a DIY 16" and later decides to return the external GPU, will they be charged for the code they already received?

I was very enthusiastic during the pre-order, but now that the waters have calmed a bit, I’m seriously doubting how much use I’m ever going to get out of that card. I haven’t made my mind up about it, but I’m not really inclined to modify my order, as I read doing so can postpone shipping.

I haven’t really decided what to do, but it would be nice to know whether returning the GPU within the 30 day window might result in being charged for that game code. It’s on my mind because I’m not really interested in playing the game in the first place.

While I am planning on keeping my GPU, and I get Starfield for “free” via MSFT Game Pass… But I did e-mail support … Maybe they will respond here in a few days…

To my knowledge, these cases are not fully clarified by Framework.
But my opinion is, that neither AMD nor Framework will charge you if you choose to change your pre order down the road.
Since this will probably only a small number of cases (compared to FW16 sales with dGPU or AMD sales of GPUs which are eligible), i believe they just let you have the game for free and dont bother with revoking your key. Would probably cost them more than just gift you the game.

Its similar buying a graphics card and returning it before 14 days in the EU. All gifts or promos associated with it are in almost all cases not necessary to refund.

Again, this is my opinion. If Framework or AMD choose differently this time, they will let you know some way or another.

Back in the day, we had to cut out UPC codes and send them in, even in the digital age because it’s a way to prevent customers from returning their product after redeeming the code. I think it was a bad thing to do since the “free item” is usually not something someone hang their purchase on - just a freebie, but that can cost them a choice of returning their item if defective or didn’t meet their expectation within the return period.

Pros and cons… pros and cons…

Yeah, it’s a tricky situation. My mind isn’t made up on what I’ll do, but I’m not relishing in the possible outcome of scoring a free game I don’t really care to play while also mucking up Framework’s logistics as they launch a new product. I just don’t feel overly compelled to do the “right thing” (change the order now instead of doing a return) if it means having the shipping date pushed back to who-knows-when.

I didn’t even know this thing would come with a video game when I placed the order. I just fell into a “no compromises” sort of attitude when making the pre-order selections.

Are you sure about your shipping date getting pushed back? I already changed my order twice without any problems or disadvantages.

Just write a support ticket what you would change (obviously changing from DIY to prebuilt wouldn’t be possibly) and they will update your order in a few work days.