[RESPONDED] Framework OS

Framework has stated clearly that they won’t be creating a distro.
They are focused on hardware, not software.


I find it bizarre that this ever gets requested.
Aside from the bottom line “how could this be profitable” question,
who would even use this?
Most Linux users are pretty satisfied with whatever they already have.


Given that perfectly functional useable Linux distros already exist, there really is nothing that framework could meaningfully add in the shape of a distro without committing some serious System76 levels of resources into the ecosystem.

And while Linux is supported and has more of a voice than usual, that doesn’t mean it’s worth it for framework to hire and sink that much time and money into something whose benefits seem really unclear. You’d be literally better off writing a flatpak/snap helper gui than maintaining your own distro.

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Question: Which non-commerical Linux distro is profitable? (Not products that use a Linux kernel)

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I think this was also answered by @Matt_Hartley , during the recent linux live Q&A

I would encourage you guys to watch if you still haven’t, it was a nice Q&A session, covering a wide range of linux topics.