[RESPONDED] No response from support

Hi, I submitted a support ticket on the 7th of March, and on the same day got a response asking for additional information. I provided the information and they “have escalated this ticket to the appropriate department”.

On the 12th of March I received an irrelevant, standard response. I informed them of the mistake 4 minutes later to no avail.

I asked for a followup on the 17th of March, with no response either.

I then created another ticket on the 20th of March, in case the previous ticket was somehow buried due to how absurdly long the response time was, restating my request and providing information requested from me on the previous ticket, with again, no response.

I understand that the response time may be delayed due to FW16 shipping, but a ticket spanning over half a month doesn’t sound normal. I’m not quite sure who to contact for support, because, well, support isn’t replying.


Hopefully someone from the support team sees this post and is able to help you. Unfortunately creating a second ticket may not have been the best course of action, since it’ll put you back to the end of the support queue. posting here was a good idea, since someone from the support team should be able to catch this.


Calling @TheTwistgibber

@Prox We have been responding to all of your inquiries, and there are no tickets that have not been fully responded to. You’ve stated that you received a response on March 12th, but the last response I see is from March 6th, and there are no other inquiries under the email associated with your previous orders or this forum account.

I believe that is because the support ticket was sent from my previous email. I am unable to send any replies from the address that is currently associated with my forum account. I’ll message you the email that holds the un-responded ticket.

Please do check for me again. I see two emails, one of which is the original ticket, another is the new ticket’s confirmation email.

@Prox Please check your ticket as I’ve updated it with the latest information. Thank you.

I’ve received the email, thank you so much.

For anyone wondering, I got thrown into support blacklist due to what I think can only be called unfortunate timing.

The issue has just been resolved thanks to Twist.

I do believe when you’ve been blacklisted there should be an indication, else it’d be quite time-consuming and frustrating to figure out why support is not replying.