[RESPONDED] Terrible frustrations with AMD chip on framework 13

Hi there,

I have a framework laptop always plugged to a screen and it became a nightware recently.
At the beginning I got it the AMD issue was occuring already (running F39 with 6.6 and 6.7 kernels) but it was okay
I migrated to fedora 40 as there was the promess to get better experience with kernel 6.8, but actually this is a total nightmare since then when the laptop is plugged to an external screen

  • wake up after the laptop go to suspend => screen corruption
  • when the external screen switch off for saving energy => screen corruption
  • when I unplugged the external screen => screen corruption
  • when I plugged the external screen => screen corruption
  • When I look a video on firefox full-screen => screen corruption
  • When I press the GUI button shutdown in GNOME, I get a corruption (even without external screen)

(Yes I activated UMA_GAME_OPTIMIZED parameter)

I know there is a thread about this but I’m fed up waiting a working state without tuning knobs.

That’s AMD bug ruins all the pleasure I use this computer…
My laptop is seating on my desktop, clipping each 0.5/sec and I cannot switch it off because I’m trying to recover data with photorec and it plans to run at least 12 hours…

ps: I don’t expect any solution from this thread just express that I’m waiting for 4 months to use my laptop.
ps2: and no to mention I get this [RESPONDED] Sudden loss of storage while laptop running


Officially supported: Fedora 38 and 39… Please don’t complain if you use a newer distro…

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I’m not sure the OP is actually complaining to Frame.work but voicing their frustration on this public forum in the hope someone may understand and offer help.

As far as the setup goes I am of no help. [Win 11 on 11thGen]

As far as the frustration goes, if you want a working laptoo maybe go to another Distro or OS for now.

All the best

Running Fedora 40 myself (KDE/Kinoite) and I’ve seen none of these issues. I guess experience may vary.

I just tested my external USB4 (displayport) monitor with UMA_GAME_OPTIMIZED today on 6.8.1.

It makes the external monitor work as it normally would, I used it for about two hours.
Going to keep running it with this enabled, and see how long it takes to trigger the white screen.

If you depend on docking external monitors often you may want to enable this pairing.

Not supporting F40 yet, when we do, it will be announced in the forums and docs will be posted. As with any new release, we expect bugs and I will not be recommending the switch over until I feel it’s ready. It’s close, but not yet.

The first Beta release is coming, and additional focus and bug reports will appear there.

In the meantime, please use the tested/vetted F39 with all the updates and user guide followed carefully.



at some point I just wanted to voice my frustration, and perhaps know that I’m not the only one to suffer that much, and also I did not wanted to had my personal issue on a already way-too-long thread.

I don’t have a special setup, I use a fedora 40 beta (I’m use to switch to beta when it’s available), but I’m baffled how this is worse after having upgraded, so I pay the consequence of believing 6.8 would be better.

I’m a tech savy (and old) but when it comes to electronic devices, I rarely buy things. My last computer buy was in July 2013, so having a new computer is a thing, so the bigger the frustration.

here my points.

Best and have a good day


I don’t understand why you expected a better (stable) experience with the testing version of the Fedora, and frustrated with the testing version. Fedora 40 beta version (testing version) was released just yesterday.

And I think the beta, the testing version is for people who are willing to test and report issues to the Fedora project to help for people at Fedora project to fix the issues. Thanks for your testing Fedora 40 on the Framework Laptop. You can check the following threads about how to report the issues for Framework Laptop 13 AMD.


I have along experience dealing with Fedora (~ 10 years), and Fedora beta was always stable and the 40 is still. My point was just about the AMD issue
So actually the BIOS parameter UMA_GAME_OPTIMIZED was phased from the config, I don’t understand why, (can it be related to the other isse I mentionned)
Putting UMA_GAME_OPTIMIZED back solved all issues I got, as expected

Sorry for the useless rant


Folks on F40 BETA, some things to be aware of.

Never, ever, ever use a Beta release as your workstation OS. Please use stable (F39).

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