[RESPONDED] Ubuntu is very slow and delayed after startup

last week I received my Framework diy edition and assembled and installed Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS immediately. So far I have only installed Virtual Box and a couple of Office programs.
Since then I have noticed that my frame work is very slow and delayed as soon as it is in the Ubuntu login window. Only when I turn the laptop off and turn it on again, he is so far back to normal. This phenomenon occurs regularly.
Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem and how I could solve it?
Thanks for your time!

Hi Finn, and welcome to the forum! My first question would be, did you follow the Framework guide?

Specifically the final steps that install an OEM specific kernel?

If you did, then Ubuntu should run perfectly. I am doing that very thing on my 12th gen, which I just reinstalled 3 days ago.

Oh yes that could be the problem, I was apparently a bit inattentive when downloading.
When I check the version of the Linux kernel with
uname -r
I get:
I think this is the wrong kernel. This also explains why my fingerprint sensor is not recognized at all.
Thanks for your quick reply I will give it a try.

If you see this again, press any arrow key (or any key?) which will show the text on bootup. You’ll see where it’s stumbling and can post that here.

With me, /etc/fstab instructs my system to mount my NAS. If my NAS is not available during bootup, it’ll wait 1m 30s for it to appear. That’s an eternity for bootup these days, but this text makes the wait very clear.

Hi @FinnH ,

Have you approximately timed it? how long did it took?

also kindly attached your journal log

journalctl > wholejournal.log


Hello, sorry for not getting back to you. Here is my logfile. I have yesterday Ubuntu again reinstalled as in the instructions, unfortunately, the problem still occurs sporadically when starting the laptop.


Thank you for your time

While @Loell_Framework looks through you log file, I feel like there is something else happening here. To confirm this:

I have now once again performed a full Ubuntu installation, according to the instructions. Since now there were no more delays or jerks.

Yes, I have always tested without devices connected I also use the original power supply.

No I also decided against Dooalboot for this reason.

Yes, I have completed step 9, but step 10 is causing problems.
The “Framework System Details” program does not open.

And step 8 did not work either, as can be seen in the picture. I think that the article “Ubuntu Fingerprint Troubleshooting” does not help me with my problem. It almost looks like drivers are missing or there is a hardwear defect?

Thanks for your help

Going through the original log you provided. The only things that pop out to me:

  • Are you installing Gnome extensions by chance? I am seeing some things that indicate there may be some oddness there.

  • This may be affecting other elements of the desktop as as well including other applications.

For gen 13 Framework 13, there was some changes made to the inputkit and we have a coming firmware update. [TRACKING] Fingerprint reader failing to register on 13th gen

If I execute

gnome-extensions list

then I get:


Okay thanks, now I know.

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Okay, nothing there stands out. What stands out is VirtualBox. What resources did you allocate to your VMs? How many VMs are open at once?

Historically on any computer when I see a slow down and VMs actively running, it comes down to how resources are allocated.

  • How much RAM is available on your Framework?
  • Please take a screenshot of your VM CPU/RAM settings in Virtual Box.
  • Please take a screenshot of top running a terminal with the slow down happening.