[RESPONDED] Updating Bios to 3.17 fails to perform update

Have a working Linux Mint 21.1, 11th gen Framework.
I have followed the instructions to Update the bios from 3.07 to 3.17:
Downloaded: Framework_Laptop_11th_gen_Intel_Core_BIOS_3.17_EFI.zip
Formatted: FAT32
EXTRACTED Update Files to USB (Can see 1 Directory and 3 Files on USB)
Disabled Secure Boot
Pressed F12 to Load the USB (Chose USB to Boot)

  • No Action is performed other than dropping me to the Grub cursor after a few seconds
  • grub>
    No Action is performed, it does not execute the startup.nsh (directions say allow it to happen)

Do I enter startup.nsh or should laptop automatically run this script?

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It may be that you don’t have enough space on your EFI partition to perform the update. I ran into that problem when updating from USB myself. It’s hard to diagnose, because the “update” boot simply fails, with possibly only a very short message somewhere on the screen, and then a reboot.

This does indeed feel like an EFI partition issue as @Nils points out. Worth addressing this and trying again.

I’d definitely post to this thread for the best path forward: