RTC Battery holder broke off

I had the issue that the laptop would not power on without the power cord connected even if the battery is charged. So i wanted to try the mainboard reset described on the support pages. While trying to gently getting the battery out of its holder, the thing just came instantly lose and fell off…

Because i can not solder myself, i have to ask around my friends for the skills or go to a repair shop.

But now to my question: I am thinking of getting another mainboard with another chipset (ryzen hype!), because i always had alot of issues with intel 11th gen. Can i use the mainboard normally in an outside case, even without the rtc battery not connected? Do i lose anything beside holding the clock without the rtc battery?

Thx for any help in advance.

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You would loose all the BIOS settings and the clock. I am not even sure what other issues it could cause down the road, like TPM, firmware and such.

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11th gen mainboard a will not power on without an RTC battery.

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Yes you can but it needs to have a bit of work. So if you are asking a friend to do the soldering have a look at.

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Thx for the answers, i will have a look into the rework also and try to find someone that can solder it.

The mainboard does power on without the battery and rtc battery connected, by just powering over usb-c and starting the laptop via the powerbutton of the keyboard.

I have preordered the ryzen 5 option now, but until q3 this year i have to fix the old mainboard to have a mobile device again.

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