Security certs for framework egpu dock

With the tease that there would be an external thunderbolt compatible dock that accepts the gpu module from the framework 16, could you please look into selling the dock w/ egpu as a single combination sku, and getting some security certs to make it viable to pitch to corporate IT as a solution?

I stole this from the hp g4 thunderbolt site, and something like the nist 800-173 reqs would probably go a long way to helping convince them to consider it.

Based on HP’s internal analysis of docking stations that are Thunderbolt™ 4, have auto validating & self healing firmware, Meet NIST 800-173 requirements, have Port control, the ability to disable the RJ-45 and a BIOS MAPT authorized list.
HP Sure Start on HP Thunderbolt G4 dock supports firmware integrity verification and recovery it does not include real-time and runtime protections or Microsoft SCCM integration typically found on HP Sure Start in HP notebooks.

it may very well be meaningless corprorate drivel, but that’s what manglement looks for when they’re making decisions.

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+1 for this

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