Separating screen to create more ergonomic setup for travelling

Hey there,

Since I’m travelling quite a lot and oftentimes work without access to a proper screen I would love to be able to raise the screen. I know there are laptop stands but a lot of them create an awkward angle, are too bulky or just too flimsy to type on.

How difficult would it be to do the following

  • Make it possible to separate the screen and have some form av extension cable
  • use a simple tripod (which I already have) to elevate the screen to a more ergonomically sound position

Any thoughts appreciated

I like this idea. I wonder if it would be easier to make the keyboard detachable instead and elevate the monitor

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There are some very small Bluetooth keyboards. If that appeals to you.

I have a foldable that is about the size of my phone

So remove the keyboard and lift up the “motherboard” + monitor? I kinda like the mechanical keyboard + framework motherboard in a kit option but in that case I would require a portable monitor.

Afraid I’m a keyboard snob :stuck_out_tongue: , so more likely that i’ll drag along a mechanical keyboard if anything.

Me too, my MX Mechanical connects nicely with Bluetooth

I use the foldable with my phone, under duress.

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Grab this keyboard and folder looking thingy, smack the FL on it and call it a day.