Shipping dates Info idea

As we all have order numbers, and I assume they mean something internally at Framework, along with many people wondering where they are in the shopping queue I had an idea that may help answer this question for people.

Put a counter up on what the latest order number shipped is so we can see how many are in front of us. If possible including the expected arrival date that shipments are expected would also help too.

Is this possible? Thoughts ?

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Why do I imagine an “Over 1 billion served” sign on the homepage like McDonalds? hehehehe.


I suspect (but do not know for sure) that the order numbers are not being served “in order”, i.e. more complicated/less common configs either take longer to prepare or are prioritized differently (in an effort to get units out the door/ appease the majority).

Now, a public facing “x percentage of y batch completed” may be some level of doable, but I suppose everyone at framework has a todo list a mile long, so maybe someday.


It’s one of those things that’s a nice to have, but if it takes time away from shipping units might not be worth it immediately.

The comment on non-sequential order numbers makes sense. Still would be nice to have more information that we currently get. But everyone’s busy and I really want this company to succeed so I’ll wait.

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