Shipping Feedback

I recently ordered a refurbished Framework Laptop and while I recognize that it is Sunday and it won’t be shipped out until Monday or Tuesday I realized I had no initial date of delivery given to me. So I went hunting to find one. I went hunting in the terms of sale to see if it’s mentioned there and found this snippet.

So threw some stuff in cart and went to “checkout” to see an estimated delivery time. There wasn’t one nor any description beyond “standard” and “expedited” options. Further clarification would be helpful for customers. It’s possible that information will be added to order info once a tracking number is generated but if your terms of sale state that it will be provided in the order process then well…comply with that expectation. Just some feedback! Looking forward to using the laptop, whenever it gets here!


I would recommend waiting a few days. You will receive an estimated when it is shipped.

I already have. My feedback isn’t that it was taking too long it was that shipping estimates weren’t provided at checkout when the terms of sale state it should. I understand why for pre-orders but mine wasn’t a pre-order.