Shipping stuck at "2022-03-28 03:07:00 Germany, Processed at location"

Hi, my order shipped, but now is stuck at
2022-03-28 03:07:00 Germany, Processed at location
since two days. Is that normal, does anybody have some experience, the shipment is going to Austria.

There are a number of reasons why a package can be delayed or appear stuck. Missed scans, misshipping, customs delay, etc.

All of these reasons are generally something only the carrier can answer.

However, in this case, I would not be surprised if good ol’ Zoll didn’t have something to do with this.


Almost certainly. After all the product comes from outside the EU.
In December 2021 I had the same experience with a shipment from the Ukrain (fencing-blades) to the Netherlands. Our “douane” works just as fast as your “Zoll” :wink: :crazy_face:

Apparently i was just a tad too impatient. Today it got delivered. So two days after the last update on the tracking site it was deliverd.